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Why It Makes Total Sense That Twitter is an Aries

Aliza Faragher

Gone are the days of posting all of our emotional thoughts on MySpace bulletins (thanks, Tom) or LiveJournal entries.

On March 21, Twitter celebrated its 10th birthday. Happy birthday, Twitter! Twitter has shaped and influenced social media by infinite bounds. So, it's important to analyze how and why it makes sense that Twitter is an Aries. We can only assume Jack Dorsey did that on purpose.

Twitter was a total groundbreaking movement, and Aries love to be at the forefront of any and all new business plans and adventures

Twitter lets you say what you wanna say and DGAF about the reaction on the other end 

140 character limit is all you need to get your point across.

Impatient, get-to-the-point Aries doesn't want to spend all day reading your update.

Aries love to make everyone laugh

Like a good Aries, Twitter loves the attention, so keep it up