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From The Vault: Bob's Burgers

Aliza Faragher

From The Vault is a series in which we analyze classic TV & Film characters to determine their matching astrological sign.

Cartoons aren’t for just for kids anymore, but you already knew that. One of the most groundbreaking animated shows on air right now is Bob’s Burgers. Following a family-owned burger restaurant, Bob’s Burgers doesn’t shy away from the dark reality of being a struggling small-business owner with a family to feed, all while serving (pun intended) some of the most gut-busting hilarious jokes possible. 

Bob Belcher: Taurus

Bob Belcher is the patriarch of the show, the owner and head chef of Bob’s Burgers. He won’t let the typical simplicity associated with burgers stop him from creating works of art on his grill. He cares deeply about flavor combinations and the beauty of food. These qualities are inherent to Venus—the planet of love, beauty and all things luxury—which makes us convinced that Bob is a Taurean chef. 

Linda Belcher: Gemini

Linda Belcher is the doting wife to Bob and a loving mother to Tina, Gene and Louise.  She knows how to handle business and is often seen calling vendors and landlords to ask for extensions on payments. Everyone obliges, of course, because Linda is amicable and can find a way to befriend all types of people. Linda is an interesting woman; she has a definite idea of what is right and wrong and serves to do good, but that doesn’t mean that she’s a wet blanket. She loves to party and have a good time whenever possible, making her shifting personality a likely candidate for Gemini. 

Tina Belcher: Virgo

The eldest of the Belcher children, Tina is the most grounded of her siblings. She has a solid work ethic surrounding her burgeoning Zombie Romance Friend Fiction writing talents and she loves working with her hands (re: touching butts). She’s introspective, reserved and has a solid understanding of human nature making her most likely to be the Virgo of the family. 

Gene Belcher: Sagittarius

Gene Belcher is the middle child and only son of the Belcher clan. A music lover with hopes of one day becoming a composer, Gene is most likely to be a Sagittarius. He’s eager to learn and expand his horizons while staying true to his sweet and loving nature. 

Louise Belcher: Aries

The youngest Belcher, Louise is a literally bat out of hell. She’s definitely the most devious and manipulative of the Belcher family, but she tackles all her problems with the zeal that can only belong to an Aries native. She’s got all the virtues (and faults) of the ram: she’s spontaneous, courageous, vain and impatient. Although she causes trouble at every turn, she’s always loyal to her family.