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What Drug Matches Each Sign

Lena Grossman

Potheads, wannabe potheads, and weed enthusiasts around the world celebrate April 20 as pretty much a national holiday. The exact origins of 4/20 remain unclear, although numerous conspiracy theories have been circulating for years. In honor of National Weed Day or whatever you like to call it (#bestdayever), we decided to match up each sign to its proper drug or "drug". Happy holidaze.

Aries: Endorphins

While endorphins aren't technically a drug, they produce euphoric sensations and have similar effects on the brain as most other hard drugs. Endorphins usually come from some exercise or physical exertion, which makes sense for Aries because they're always on the move.

Taurus: Weed

Weed, like Taurus, is a classic. Taureans love surrounding themselves with stability and good times, and they're also super connected to the earth. Taurus loves simplicity, and weed is just about as simple but classic as it gets.

Gemini: Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms can be a great time if you're sure you're in a good set and setting. Mushrooms can have two effects though, just like good ole Gemini. While some trips on mushrooms can be pleasant and psychedelic, other mushrooms can actually be poisonous. So, like Gemini, you might never know what you're gonna get.

Cancer: Salvia

Salvia is a plant that be grown anywhere—even your backyard. That sounds pretty fantastic to Cancer, doesn't it? Michael Phelps (a Cancer!) was photographed smoking Salvia a few years back. Salvia is classified in the same category as weed, but it's also versatile, like Cancer, and can be either chewed or smoked.

Leo: Tequila

So let's remember from 5th grade DARE  that alcohol is a drug! Tequila is a very in-your-face alcohol, just like lovely Leo. Tequila is very much so about quality, because everyone knows that the low-quality type will burn way too much. That's why we always want that top shelf brand Tequila, exactly like Leo.

Virgo: Peyote


Peyote, like Ayahuasca, causes deep personal insight and philosophy. Virgo and Peyote go together because Peyote is used also as a pain reliever, and Virgo is always looking to both awaken their soul and help soothe others.

Libra: Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a traditional and spiritual drug used primarily by indigenous Peruvians. Many users have spiritual revelations, and Ayahuasca must be done with a Shaman present. Ayahuasca focuses on becoming the best person you can, which aligns pretty much with Libra's point of view and life philosophy.

Scorpio: Ecstasy

Cause this shit's intense.

Sagittarius: LSD

Sagittarius and LSD are connected because LSD deeply connects you to your thoughts. LSD allows you to reach into the depths of your soul and mind, just like any good conversation with a Sag.

Capricorn: Adderall 

Capricorns and Adderall walk hand-in-hand because Adderall makes you focus, and Capricorns need to always be doing work.

Aquarius: Opium

Aquarius is opium because the drug comes from a beautiful flower, the poppy. Opium is a pain-reliever and was loved the world round for hundreds of years. Hell, a war was even fought over it. Aquarians are known for being a calming presence and beautiful souls.

Pisces: Love

Their love and your love is their drug. End of story.