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The Bachelorette: Jojo Brings On The Men

Lena Grossman

After a few months of hiatusour favorite television series The Bachelorette finally came back. Jojo made her debut and looked gorgeous as always, unsurprisingly. Last time we saw her (or if you don't follow The Bachelor), she was getting dumped by Ben Higgins in the final rose ceremony. Jojo moved past the breakup and claims she is ready to find love, which means we're ready to see the drama. As Jojo so perfectly said, "bring on the men."

What we know about Jojo

Other than having flawless hair, Jojo is from Dallas and does something in real estate. More importantly, she's a Sagittarius and love love loves adventure and her independence, but that doesn't mean she doesn't crave affection. Jojo definitely seems to be attracted to the confident athletic jock type, which became pretty clear in her selection of men. After all, she didn't give a rose to the guy who was half Chinese, half Scottish ("but Scottish below the waist"). We're definitely in for a good season.

Some favorite highlights

Other than the guy who showed up in the quilt, these are some of our favorite gems:

-Daniel the Canadian: "have you been following the Internet?" Also, his occupation is "Canadian"
-Guy whose occupation is "Hipster"
-Everyone gets so hammered and it's uncomfortable

Controversial Frontrunner: Jordan

Jordan Rodgers, brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, came out on top on the first night. He was first out of the limo (always a good sign), got the first (real) kiss from Jojo—we're ignoring fortune teller game guy for a moment—and received the first impression rose. The rest of the guys were pretty upset about all of that attention, which is why it seems like a bunch of this season will be aimed at trying to throw him under the bus and frame him as a bad guy. There definitely have to be some darker secrets and sides to Jordan, and we can't wait to uncover them.

Drama King: Chad

Chad stamped his label on his forehead pretty early into the night. Sure, he looks like he could be James Bond, but Chad's rude and insensitive commentary was playing over many of the scenes throughout the night. He felt personally insulted by the guy in the kilt as well as Nick aka St. Nick aka guy in the Santa Claus suit. Chad also claims that he is "the manlier, more rugged version of Ben." Alrighty, Chad. Chad was definitely the stereotype of the hot guy in high school who bullied the skinny kid and threw him into a locker. We appreciate the confidence, but how will it unfold? From the previews that always dramatize everything, it appears that Chad will also be a villain this season. Bring. It. On.

Mysterious Dark Horse: Wells

Wells, the radio DJ, seems like a super chill guy. He literally showed up with an a capella group who serenaded Jojo throughout the night. He doesn't have that jock look to him, but that sets him apart in a good way. Wells, you can come by anytime. 

Lone Star Lover: Luke

Luke, the war veteran from the boonies of Texas, will definitely steal Jojo's heart this season. Jojo has a soft spot for fellow Texans, which works very well in his favor. Luke's smolder is so deep, he could probably seduce a rock. 

This season of The Bachelorette will surely be filled with tears, drama, more tears, and lots of lovin'. We're ready to bring on the men with you, Jojo.