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Drake 'Views' Lyrics For Each Sign

Lena Grossman

On April 29, Drake graced the world with a new album Views (rumored/originally titled Views From the 6)Views takes a deep dive into Drake's personal and emotional world. Drake is a Scorpio, and his music represents all aspects of that—the songs are powerful, moving, and it would sting like hell to be the girl on the other side of some of these lyrics (we hope it isn't you, RiRi!). Views requires a ton of dedication to listen and sift through, but once you do, you'll be feeling all of the feels. As the wonderful Drake said himself, "You sit and pray hoping that the stars align." He gets it.


"Yeah, and last night I think I lost my patience
Last night I got high as your expectations" —Too Good

"Karma's such a thing of beauty" —Views


"Look what I've done in my life
I had to count it and count it again
To make sure the money was right" —Hype

"Your best day is my worst day, I get green like Earth Day" —Weston Road


"Relationships slowin' me down, they slow down the vision
Guess I'm not in a position to deal with commitment" —Redemption


"Momma is a saint, yes she raised me real good
All because of her I don't do you like I should
Don't make me give you back to the hood
Don't make me give you back" —Child's Play


"I'm high maintenance a little bit but not in a, not in a negative way
I just like extremely expensive things" —Faithful

"I pull up in yachts so big that they try to hit me with boat fines" —Grammys


"I got a pure soul, I don't do the hate
You don't worry 'bout fitting in when you custom made" —Views


"Get all your affairs in order
I won't have affairs, I'm yours, girl
Faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful" —Faithful


"On some DMX shit
I group DM my exes
I told 'em they belong to me, that goes on for forever
And I think we just get closer when we're not together" —U With Me?

"Thoughts too deep to go work 'em out with a therapist" —Views


"I pray to make it back in one piece-
I pray, I pray" —One Dance

"Did it, did it, did it by myself, by myself, dog
Blew up and I'm in the city still, I'm still here, dog" —Still Here


"Working, working, working, working, ain't ya?
You don't have no time to lay up
You just trying to be somebody" —Faithful

"Now they wanna act like I do no good
Funny cause I really did more than I should
I made a decision last night that I would die for it
Just to show the city what it takes to be alive for it" —9


"That's for sure though, I made a career of reminiscin'
Time got a funny way of tickin', things are so much different" —U With Me?

"Strength and guidance
All that I'm wishing for my friends" —One Dance


"Mixing vodka and emotions, tapping into your emotions
Dry cry cause I'm hopeless"—With You

"Question is will I ever leave you?
The answer is no, no, no, no, no, no" —Views