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Mercury Retrograde: Sagittarius

Aliza Faragher

Early to bed, early to rise.

While everyone is freaking out about Mercury retrograde and dropping their phones in the toilet, you’re (not so quietly) chuckling to yourself. Your Merc retrograde will be affecting aspects of your life surrounding your schedules and habits. You may find your daily routine difficult to maintain, draining, or completely ineffectual these days. Maybe you’ve been spending so much time working this year (makes sense, with Saturn the taskmaster moving to curious Sag late last year), that you haven’t given yourself the time or space to do things you need to do to sustain your amazing vitality. Find time to reconsider what ~health~ means to you in a holistic way. With this Mercury retrograde embodying Taurean themes of money and security, reexamine how you can feel more stable and secure by recalibrating your routines surrounding health, wellness, and schedules.