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Aliza Faragher

Don't run away.

Gemini, the twins, is often (and unfortunately) misinterpreted as two-faced or maniacal. In reality, however, Gemini has no intention of being deceitful, they're just constantly looking in two different directions. These air signs think on multiple levels simultaneously, and between their wild playfulness, non-stop theorizing, and buzzing creativity, it’s hard for Gemini to stay focused. If something is not going as planned, Gemini tends to jump ship. But patience is indeed a virtue, and in certain instances, situations need to be seen through. Gemini, your 2016 New Year’s Resolution is not to run away when the going gets tough. Though it may feel uncomfortable, your extra effort to complete projects will ultimately prove worthwhile, as it gives you the opportunity to step back from your constant array of thoughts. Use that incredible brain to make some awesome things happen. Never forget: Kanye is a Gemini too.


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5 Reasons We Love Gemini

Aliza Faragher

It's that time! Say goodbye to the Bull, say hello to the Twins -- Taurus Season is over and it's Gemini time. If Taurus time is about chillin, Gemini takes us in an entirely different direction. Frenetic, fun, and playful... lots to love about our double trouble duo. 

Here are 5 reasons we're vibing on Gemini right now, and you should too.

5) Two is always better than one.

4) They are convincing af.

3) Gemini make great wingpeople.

2) They have deep curiosities.

1) Kanye.

Are you a Gemini? Got love for a Gemini? Tell us about it in the comments below, and find your own Gemini match on Align!