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Conan O'Brien Wins at Dating Apps

Aliza Faragher

Conan O'Brien is no stranger to the dating app world. A few months ago, he and Dave Franco perused Tinder and the results were hilarious. But never discriminatory, Conan and Billy Eichner just showed us what it's like to be on Grindr, the notorious gay hookup app. 

Watch Conan and Billy navigate profile building, chatting, and, finally, meeting someone from the app. It may be Grindr, but their ecstatic screams as men message Conan feel all too familiar to anyone who has awaited reply from dating app matches before.


Of course, we can't wait for Conan to try out Align. Maybe you'll be the next lucky person this Aries matches with. Sign up here to get on Align's exclusive launch list.