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Bustle: Align is #1 Dating App for New Yorkers

Aliza Faragher

With Valentine's Day a week away, the folks at Bustle rounded up the best dating apps for New Yorkers, and Align is #1 on their list! Mercury retrograde must be over, after all. Align, writes Bibi Dietz, "Find a Taurus for your Taurus, a Libra for your Aries. Much less random" than matching purely based on looks. 

Check out the full list (but don't scroll beyond #1. Why bother?).

And hey, while you're visiting Bustletown, revisit some of Align's past contributions there:

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Aliza Faragher

You guys you guys you guys you guys.

Apple just released new emojis and everyone here at Align and everyone in the entire universe is freaking out. Because basically (1) our vocabulary just increased exponentially, (2) iPhones are no longer racist, and (3) all my Sagittarius friends can finally use flags from the 32 countries that were previously not represented in their emoji keyboard. So cool.

Also, for all of your Aquarius gadget lovers out there, you can now send an emoji of an Apple Watch to your haters. Stay fresh.

What do you guys think about the new emoji keyboard? Do you think they should have included even more astrology emojis than before? What's your favorite new emoji to define your sign? Let us know!

Align x Ladyparts Magazine: Best Pickup Lines for Every Sign

Aliza Faragher

Our dear friends and Twitter crushes Zoe Klar and Julia Davidovich just took their hilarious satirical take on women's magazines, Ladyparts, into a fully functional web platform. For the launch of their digital publication, Align collaborated with Ladyparts on a special astrology section of their site. Check out our best pickup lines for each sign (for shits & giggles, obvi).