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7 Things to Expect on Your First Date with a Libra

Aliza Faragher

1. They're all about fairness.

We can't ignore the obvious— Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice. Libras prefer to take the middle ground and see things in a big picture way. Get involved in a heated discussion, but don’t be surprised if Libra mutters the words, “I see both sides of the story.”

2. Libras aren't afraid of commitment.


Ignore their false reputation for being afraid to commit. Any and every type of relationship means a lot to Libra, so don’t walk in with the attitude of “let’s not and say we did” if a potential relationship is involved. Libras find strength in relationships, so this is a no-BS category for them.

3. They're natural people pleasers.

Libras are great companions to begin with, but they always want to make sure you are having the best time possible. When it comes to spending time with you, Libra makes sure everything is in sync and harmonized. If it isn’t, you can bet Libra will get right to work in making you feel as satisfied as possible.

4. Art and aesthetics are a BD

Many Libras are artists and enjoy playing with color (even black). Their homes, outfits, and life in general are always on point because they have a knack for creating aesthetically pleasing environments. Pay attention to the extra details they’ve put into their outfit, and shower them with compliments.

5. You better have a sense of humor. If not, make up for it by dressing well.

As we said about 2 sentences ago, Libras are very visual and love style. Show off your own personal trends to your Libra date, but also make sure to keep them laughing and engaged. For Libra, the classier the jokes, the better.

6. Libras are smart AF

If your sense of humor isn’t winning over dear Libra, get them talking about their opinion on the newest documentary or movie they saw. Mention thought-provoking happenings in the world, and be prepared to discuss because Libras love to talk about subjects they know you’ll be interested in too.

7. Emotional instability is not cute.

Instability throws off any balance, but it feels worse for Libra. If you want your date to go well with your Libra, you probably don’t want to talk about the time your cat ate your pet goldfish and how you cried for a week. That’s sad, but too much emotion or abrasiveness can freak out a Libra.


Enjoy your date! We're rooting for you to get to date numero dos with your lovely Libra... the more you get to know them, the more their sassy side comes through. It's beautiful.


5 Summer Date Ideas For You and Your Align Matches

Aliza Faragher

Summer is almost here thank g. LA summers are filled with concert and movie series, festivals, and parties, making it the perfect season for dating. Free outdoor events equals lots of prime star-gazing, so your summer romance potential is through the roof. With the launch of Align, this is the perfect time to find a match in your constellation and check out one of these date destinations!

Santa Monica Twilight Concert Series

If you're thinking about a beach date, this is definitely the way to roll. The Twilight Concert Series is some serious fun. A free concert on the beach with the stunning sunset and illuminate pier is a way into the heart of any sign (especially the social Gemini, aesthete Libra or water-bound Cancer). A Taurus may potentially not vibe with this because the seating options are not up to the Taurean standard of comfort, and if it's a first date, a Leo might be bummed at missed opportunities to glimmer and sparkle amongst the exciting music and DJ sets, but this is a super fun night anyone can enjoy. (WARNING: Alcohol is NOT *Legally* permitted , so if you need a glass of wine or bubbly, may be wise to bring an elegant thermos option) 

Saturdays Off the 405 at the Getty

Another free concert series, but this one is at the stunning Getty, with all the beautiful views and architecture that the LA museum must-see has to offer WITH free music. Past performances from the Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast and Lord Huron definitely make this the place to bring a music-loving partner  who will also appreciate the lush surroundings. Though parking is always a bit of a bitch at the Getty (15 dollars BOO), these events are the perfect excuse to catch a beautiful sunset and vibe in the beautiful gardens. Perfect for: Sagittarius, Gemini, Taurus.

Griffith Park Observatory

Obviously the perfect designation for any cosmo-lover and if you met your date on Align, then it's in the stars that you will enjoy this unparalleled view of Los Angeles. Even though this isn't exactly the ideal city for star-gazing, the landscape of dazzling city lights is basically a reflection of a glittering sky. Come early for a beautiful day hike and check out a show at the planetarium!

Free Shakespeare in Griffith Park

The shows at Griffith Park with the dynamic Independent Shakespeare Co are always amazing, and with Romeo and Juliet in the lineup this coming summer, a perfect astrological destination for you and your (star-crossed? hopefully not...) lover! Try to get there early for a prime picnic spot, though in our experience all the seating has a great view of the stage. Perfect for any sign, because who doesn't love a good show? 

The Venice Canals

The Venice Canals are the perfect destination for some tranquil strolling and aesthetic pleasure, i.e. a great date spot to chill and get to know your Align match. Take in this rare aquatic wonder of Los Angeles and maybe go for that first hand-holding sesh? An Aries might get restless here but you can always hop over to the pier for some excitement or spontaneous couple tattoos...

Conan O'Brien Wins at Dating Apps

Aliza Faragher

Conan O'Brien is no stranger to the dating app world. A few months ago, he and Dave Franco perused Tinder and the results were hilarious. But never discriminatory, Conan and Billy Eichner just showed us what it's like to be on Grindr, the notorious gay hookup app. 

Watch Conan and Billy navigate profile building, chatting, and, finally, meeting someone from the app. It may be Grindr, but their ecstatic screams as men message Conan feel all too familiar to anyone who has awaited reply from dating app matches before.


Of course, we can't wait for Conan to try out Align. Maybe you'll be the next lucky person this Aries matches with. Sign up here to get on Align's exclusive launch list.