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Aliza Faragher

Obsess less.

Oh, Leo. You fabulous drama queen. While you light up every room, your obsessive tendencies tend to get carried away, and have lead you into some dark places. Leo, in 2016, you must work on managing your ego and releasing situational infatuations. Why didn’t he text back? Does she love you? Are you going to achieve the success you know you deserve? In the new year, recognize that cycling through these compulsive thoughts is not going to help provide any more clarity on unclear situations. The world will keep spinning, whether things go the way you have fantasized about or take a different course. We know you you have all the feels, and it's tough not to let them out with a roar. Leo, you will persevere no matter what. You are much stronger than your obsessions, and true strength comes from your ability to let go. That’s the lion way.


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