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Aliza Faragher

Forgive yourself.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are the zodiac’s information processors. They have an incredible ability to scan a room (or a document, or an outfit, or a person…) and find the small flaws others may miss. But Virgo, you often turn this incredible gift against yourself, severely scrutinizing your every action and decision. We would like to give you a 2016 gift, sweet Virgo. Release your self-judgement. Forgive yourself. No one is perfect, and your unique quirks are actually special and endearing. You truly are your harshest critic, and this year, it’s time to give yourself a big ol’ hug, look in the mirror, and say “you rock.” (Judge yourself for doing that? Then do it again.)


As you're looking into that mirror, pin your DEERDANA x Align Limited Edition Virgo pin onto your perfectly ironed lapel, and it'll make your mantra much easier to recite.