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Aries Spring Guide

Aliza Faragher

1. Selfie Stick

Aries have larger than life personalities, and there's nothing that screams "LOOK AT ME" more than a selfie stick! No Aries should celebrate their birthday season without investing in one of these fabulous party accessories. Throw a couple of filters on your selfies, and post all your #AriesSeason favorites to make a truly unforgettable statement!

2. Running / Climbing / Freaking People Out Shoes

Aries are overflowing with ENERGYDKfjd, so it's critical that these fire signs get outdoors to let off some some steam. Make sure everyone knows that you've climbed a boulder, and that you're not afraid to do it again by strapping on some seriously INTENSE footgear. You'll thank us later.

3. Condoms

Aries is symbolized by the ram, but during the spring, it might as well be the rabbit. With all their ENERGYDdkaj, Aries love getting it on, so these birthday boys and girls should always be prepared with a sizable amount of rubbers on hand (we told you you'd thank us later for the freaky shoe recommendation).

4. GoPro

We recommend the GoPro for all adventure seeking Aries. When your buddies don't believe how INTENSE you are, you'll be able to prove them wrong with all the SICK footage your GoPro captured. Or, if the GoPro camera is out of your price range, you can always use duct tape to attach the selfie stick to your helmut to achieve almost identical results!

5. Aries Pin

Because you're Literally Always #1, you deserve an Align x DEERDANA pin. Happy Birthday, Aries baby. We love you.