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Cancer Spring Guide

Aliza Faragher


Close your eyes. Feel the perfect spring breeze against your skin. Feel your body and your soul connecting to something bigger than you. Spring brings out the nature loving side of Cancer. The Cancer that just wants to sit outside all day, or take a walk near a body of water. Moonstones connect Cancers to their intuition, and with all the spring excitement and stimulation, moonstone gives you just the balance you need. Plus they're so pretty!


Chilled white wine. You like to let loose every once in a while, and the crisp, refreshing taste of a glass of wine is just what Cancer needs to get groovy. It's the beverage that tells people "I'm having fun but still like to be in control of my life." Don't worry Cancer, no one's out to get you. At least not in the springtime. 


Cancers are always jotting something down. Is it their feelings? Gosh no. No one gets to know those other than Cancer. When a Cancer is inspired - which is often - they whip out a pen and a journal from the ether and take note, concocting a scheme in their head for some new project that they'll absolutely never tell anyone else about. Because they are so highly intuitive, they need to keep track of those little flickers of inspiration before something else comes up for them. You could be hiking Everest and a Cancer has her idea journal in her backpack. In fact, it's highly likely that traffic jams are caused by distracted Cancers "having to put this on paper before I forget."


Is it cannibalism for a Cancer to eat a California roll? Not at all. It's solidarity. Any way a Cancer can feel connected to the ocean lifts their spirits. Little known fact: when a Cancer puts his ear to a plate of sushi, he can hear the ocean.


Here's a great idea for your journal: show yourself some Cancerian love with a DEERDANA x Align pin.