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Capricorn Spring Guide

Aliza Faragher

capricorn starter pack.jpg

1. GMAT Study Guide

Spring's hottest Capricorn essential is the sleek, sexy GMAT study guide. It's understated, yet mysterious. It's puzzling, but provides infinite food for thought. It goes with any outfit, but looks especially chic at your local independent coffee roaster. It's personal, yet relatable. A huge improvement from 2015's outdated guide, the GMAT 2016 guide is going to sell out real quick, so you better get your hands on one soon.

2. Handcuffs

Spoiler alert: straight laced worker bee Capricorn is really something else in bed. They're not afraid to get freaky, and with springtime sexy vibes floating around, they can't help but bust out the cuffs. But only once they've finished their work for the day.

3. Practical sandal

You like fun, Capricorn. You really do. You like it as your gift to yourself after all the long hours you've spent slaving away at work. Give yourself a nice treat - a hike or a camping trip. And if anyone recognizes how prepared for fun one has to be, it's you Capricorn. No, fun isn't just a spontaneous thing. It's planned. You can't just have fun, as though it's not something you earned or that you were given. Your practical sandals for spring adventuring tell the story of a cautiously prepared fun-haver. Let the adventures begin! 

4. Baseball Cap

It's baseball season! You're a classic person with respect for America's classic sport: baseball. And when you celebrate baseball, you do it with respect for tradition. Have you caught yourself humming the seventh inning stretch song or placing Amazon Now orders for cracker jacks? Probably. Because that's what real, committed baseball fans are like. On another note, caps are practical and keep the sun out of your face. You can't show up to a meeting with a big ol sunburn.

5. Capricorn pin

Some people put pins on their caps right? That's CRAZY, man. Too crazy. For you, Capricorn, a lapel is just fine.