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Sagittarius Spring Guide

Aliza Faragher

1. Loudspeaker

Do you ever find yourself talking and talking and talking and talking and wonder if anyone's even listening? This spring, make sure you're being HEARD!!! by investing in an essential Sag item: a loudspeaker. Make sure everyone is listening up when you share such vital information as the capital of Montana and how long it takes rice to cook. Your friends and family will never miss a never ending story again with this incredibly loud device.

2. Lasso / Long Piece of Rope

You probably were a cowboy in a former life. But just because that past journey is no longer the present doesn't mean you shouldn't carry a long piece of rope everywhere you go. You are a modern-day Indiana Jones, and you need to be ready at all times. Make sure you practice your knot-tying techniques and pony up, because this spring, you may find yourself reconnecting with your wild ways.

3. Encyclopedia 

A multi-volume encyclopedia set is a MUST for any Sagittarius. Sags love learning about every subject under the sun, so this season, make sure you purchase an updated and illustrated encyclopedia set to bring to every picnic and barbecue. Your friends may not "get it" at the time time, but trust us, they will definitely be thanking you later.

4. Fez Hat

You've likely explored far off lands, and wisely purchased memorabilia from various gift stores throughout your travels. Well it's the time to bust out all of those forgotten items! Spring is here, which means dust off your fez hats, hand-painted Dutch clogs, and loom-woven ponchos! Simple worldly sophistication for the warm days and long nights never looked so good.

5. Sagittarius pin

If there's one thing we know about Sags, we know they got something to say. Let everyone know that you're ready to chat with one of our beautiful Align x DEERDANA Sagittarius pins.