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Scorpio Spring Guide

Aliza Faragher


It's getting hot outside, but you can't lose your signature dark vibes. You can't just bare it all and hop around like an Aries at brunch. You're not that kind of person. The cape gives you the best of both worlds: a mysterious look that says "Don't fuck with me", while you can still feel the spring breeze through the garment's loose, airy configuration. Just because the days are "getting longer," you're not fooled. Where there is light, there is darkness. And where there is darkness, there is Scorpio.


When the weather warms, people emerge out of their houses like disgusting pale ghosts, ready to shed layers of clothing, go jogging, and start new relationships. You know what that means. Springtime is prime time for ghost sightings. It's also prime time for one of your favorite activities: judging people. But you're not some plebian "people watcher." You're a pro. A detective. Now is when you'll run into people you haven't seen in months, and you must take it all in without being too obvious. Spy from afar in disguise so you can assess the damage winter has done before you go in for the kill.


Emerging from winter hibernation takes its toll. While Scorpio enjoys meeting new people, they really they only trust a special few close friends. You never really know who's a friend or who is a frenemy though, until someone, with their bullshit springtime carefree attitude, says something that hits you the wrong way. And you, Scorpio, you know exactly where to hit them back and hurt them the most.


Something special to go underneath your new cape ;)


Give everyone the illusion that you're really chill even though you're wearing a cape and holding a dagger. Add a Scorpio pin into the mix. Super low key chill vibes.