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Libra Spring Guide

Aliza Faragher

1. Denim Jacket

Effortlessly cool, that's what you are, suave Libra lover. This spring, flaunt your natural aestheticism by creating a signature look with a denim jacket. A low key denim jacket lets everyone know that you are ready to be flirtatious, but not make any serious commitments. The perfect springtime attitude!

2. Succulents 

Succulents are "drought-resistant" plants, meaning they look fabulous and don't require too much maintenance. A springtime must for any Libra is to pick up several of these for home / office decor. Everyone will fawn over your artistic eye, and you'll smile knowing that no matter how much you neglect the innocent creatures, they'll never die.

3. Couple's Massage

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Of course you do. Or, at least you've tricked someone into believing that they're in a relationship with you! So take this faux-lover out for an elegant couple's massage this spring. Release all that neck and shoulder tension while leaving your partner more confused than ever. The ideal warm weather mindfuck!

4. Chanel purse

The Chanel purse is a timeless staple that reflects class, sophistication, and $$$money$$$. Make sure your haters know that you received a decently sized tax return by investing in a Chanel purse. Bonus points if you style it with a succulent for the most editorial Instagram post of the season.

5. Libra pin

That denim jacket has a lapel. And you know what goes on lapels? Pins. Do the right thing, and get your Align x DEERDANA pin today to complete the Libra look. You know it works.