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Amanda Bynes Through the Ages

Lena Grossman

On Sunday, April 3, Amanda Bynes celebrated her 30th birthday. She rang in her birthday celebrations at none other than Six Flags. That's a typical Aries move—celebrating your special day filled with adrenaline, friends, and most likely a lot of food. 

Amanda Bynes has been a comedic force since her early days in All That, and we saw her pull a complete 180 with her numerous Twitter tirades. Although some conspiracy theorists say her identity change was all a publicity stunt, maybe her lifetime of fame all came crashing down at one moment. Nonetheless, we've been with Amanda from Totally Kyle to Hairspray.

She was one of the best actresses on All That

Then The Amanda Show with those flawless dancing lobsters

She and Frankie Muniz TOOK DOWN Paul Giamatti in Big Fat Liar

Remember the time Colin Firth was her British dad who was literally almost about to become Prime Minister? 

There was also the time Amanda Bynes changed comedies and Shakespeare adaptations forever with She's The Man and starred one of the most quotable movies of all time.

She showed off her singing talents in Hairspray, but her role in Easy A was just as epic.

Then this happened

But we're so happy to hear she's doing great at FIDM! Happy Aries season to one of the most epic and dynamic Aries out there.