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7 Times Mary-Kate & Ashley Were the Realest Geminis

Lena Grossman

On June 13, Mary-Kate and Ashely—aka the Olsen Twins, MK&A, the most influential people of our youth—turned 30. Does that make us feel old or what? 

MK&A began their acting career way in the early days of their youth on Full House and continued to grace the screen with their mystery series of "solving crime before dinner time" and numerous other films. We grew up with Mary-Kate and Ashley's different personalities and we saw them grow up on screen. From first kisses in Holiday in the Sun to some pretty hot boyfriends in New York Minute, MK&A never disappointed us with fun, adventurous, and envy-inducing movies. 

Their being twins also spookily falls right in the middle of Gemini season. MK&A so perfectly fit the Gemini mold because on screen they always played two opposite personalities. Off-screen, they had their dual lives of film and fashion. Now that they're over acting, they have fun socialite lives instead (hello Mary-Kate being married to Nicolas Sarkozy's half brother). We owe MK&A for allowing us to perpetually wish we had a twin, or just that we could end up with some hot Australian boyfriend instead. 

Their outfits here are two complete ends of the spectrum

They love helping each other out and giving the other advice

MK&A were never afraid to take risks, teaching their viewers a vital life lesson

They made us feel as if The Parent Trap just continued for years and years

MK&A always wore the most cutting-edge clothing (plus, this is Billboard Dad after all) 

They practically reinvented the "meet cute"

They were always on the move, which made us jealous of all the various places they traveled to

The Bahamas and Atlantis couldn't have asked for better promo

The Bahamas and Atlantis couldn't have asked for better promo

Let the nostalgia seep in while we celebrate the real Gemini twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley.