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Chad, 'The Bachelorette' Villain, is a Leo

Lena Grossman

Bachelor nation, we know we have a clear favorite for our villain this season. 

Chad, oh Chad. Can we even call you Chad? How are you for real? So many questions, so much understanding left to be done.

After some digging on Chad's background, we've discovered that Chad is a Leo. Upon initial thought that he could be a Scorpio because of his intensity, mystery, and no-BS attitude, his Leo attributes truly make complete sense now. 

Monday's episode of The Bachelorette hardly warrants any special attention except for incidents involving the Chad. Once you take a step back and comprehend that Chad is a Leo, everything about him begins to make way more sense. Here are some examples why Chad embodies all things Leo.

Leo's are all about appearance

Throwback to the time Chad was doing pull-ups outside next to the pool with HIS SUITCASES attached by a chain to his stomach. The men in the bachelor mansion must be bored out of their minds, so what else is there to do except for work on their physique and obsess over Jojo even though they've only met her literally 2 other times? 

Chad is also the known "meathead" of the group—last week he was seen shoving handfuls of deli meat throughout the cocktail party and even the rose ceremony. Bro's gotta swole up.

Leo's think of themselves as royalty 

Well, yeah, because they're a lion and obviously king of he jungle. Chad's pride and self-confidence probably intimidates the other men in the house, which is why they're so fond of attacking his actions. This week, Chad had the ultimate DGAF moment on that awkward group date when he went in for the kiss with Jojo on stage and she turned her face so he could kiss her cheek instead. Look, props to the Chad for going for it in front of all the other men.

Chad's mindset that he's took good for the group dates also really exemplifies his "I'm better  than you because I'm king" mentality. 

Leo's are also bossy and can be totally full of themselves

This personality trait is abundantly clear, but it reached new heights when the rest of the guys in the house decided to invest in a 24/7 security guard because they "felt unsafe." All of the men in the house have referred to Chad as some variation on a ticking time bomb, and the security guards are just one buffer to shield themselves when Chad inevitably explodes.

Chad also evidently bought the website domains for a few contestants on the show and they all link back to...his Instagram.

Chad is good looking and he knows it

Typical Leo move.

But we have to save the best quote for last

 Damn Daniel the Canadian (what does one do when their official occupation is Canadian??) has always had an alliance with Chad from the start, so he decided to play the peacekeeper and tell Chad to cool it. Their conversation went something like this:
Daniel: "Let's just say you're Hitler...or Trump..."
Chad: "I don't want to be Hitler."
Daniel: "Ok, Mussolini. Let's try to be more Mussolini. Or Bush."

Maybe Daniel the Canadian should change his occupation to Historian.