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6 Ways to Make a Cancer Fall In Love With You

Lena Grossman

Part of being a Cancer means showing affection and deep care to friends and loved ones. Cancers cherish friendship and relationships, which is why they tend to be so overly sensitive when it comes to feelings. If you're into a Cancer and they seem lukewarm to you at the moment, there could be a number of possibilities as to why. Cancers take a little bit to open up because they're used to be in their protective shell. But have no fear! There are a few easy ways to help make a Cancer become obsessed with you.

1. Take them on a picnic

Cancers love spending quality time with friends and family, so taking them out to a chill, relaxed picnic is a perfect way to help Cancer break out of their shell and into your heart.

2. Tell Cancer you already have your 401(k) and IRA set up

Cancers tend to be obsessed with financial security and monetary situations. There's no sweeter words to Cancer's ears than telling them you went to Wells Fargo over the weekend and deposited some money into your checking account.

3. Compliment their home literally nonstop

From the pebbles in the driveway to the wallpaper in the living room—never stop telling Cancer how you think their home is beautiful. Home is where the heart and soul is for Cancer. Telling them that will mean the world to them.

4. Say you LOVE kids and want a lot of them

Cancers are homemakers, and what's a home without children?

5. Go out to a comedy or improv show

Sure, Cancers are sensitive people, but no one appreciates a good laugh more than the crab.

6. Surprise them with a trip to Home Depot

So you two can paint the kitchen or plant a garden in the front yard together.