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Your Tinder Dates, As Told by Your Bartender

Aliza Faragher

We've all been there: the awkward first moments of a first Tinder or OkCupid date at some bar, scanning the room, the "I think that's him but maybe it's not because he looked taller in his pictures" pause, and then, of course, the inevitable meeting.



The Daily Share recently produced a video with bartenders from Brooklyn explaining - from their perspective - watching this sequence of events unfold. It's hilarious and hits painfully close to home. 

"Watching dates is the best part of my job. It also makes me feel really good about myself," one bartender says. Well, at least someone's enjoying it.

No promises, but we're pretty sure that when your bartenders hear you guessing everyone else in the bar's signs, they'll know you're on an Align date. Sign up and try it out.

 [The Daily Share via Gizmodo]