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Digital Trends ❤s Align

Aliza Faragher

Digital Trends posted about Align's 1.0 launch and expansion to NYC and the Bay Area, recognizing Align's appeal to people who are looking for deeper online connections without "spending ages filling out questionnaires." Read the whole piece here.

And if you're in LA, the Bay Area, or NYC lookin for some star-studded lovin, download Align here.

PureWow Leads Their Wednesday Newsletter with Align!

Aliza Faragher

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.35.10 AM.png

Every family has that hot cousin (come on you know who we're talking about), and we're delighted that PureWow called Align "Tinder's more magical, mystical cousin."

Read the whole piece here for some insight on how the app works and then head to the App Store to download today!

The "Best [Insert Literally Anything] for Your Sign" Roundup

Aliza Faragher

If you're applying the astrological lens to your romantic life on Align, why not apply it elsewhere? Luckily,  the Internet is an endless maze of "Best [insert literally anything here] for Your Sign" lists. Let this be a reference point if you're feeling like you need astrological guidance in pretty much any random direction in your life.

Get insights in these guides on everything from your next travel destination to the kind of cocktail you should order to how to tie your braid (Huh? Okay. Do you.)

1. Best Workouts for Your Sign


11. Bonus: Best Sex Positions for His Sign


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