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PureWow Leads Their Wednesday Newsletter with Align!

Aliza Faragher

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.35.10 AM.png

Every family has that hot cousin (come on you know who we're talking about), and we're delighted that PureWow called Align "Tinder's more magical, mystical cousin."

Read the whole piece here for some insight on how the app works and then head to the App Store to download today!

Align Launch Party at Atom Factory

Aliza Faragher

We had an amazing time celebrating Align's Los Angeles launch at Troy Carter's Atom Factory. It was a beautiful evening, with great food and drinks, fabulous jams, psychic readings, and lots of positive vibes.

Delicious drinks provided by Pura Vida TequilaCachaca 51, and Diabolo, treats by Taqueria Los Anaya and Rawberri, amazing moving images by PHHHOTO, soulful custom bracelets stations by MyIntent, psychic services by Cate CommunicatesColby-Psychic Rebel, and Laura Powers, and amazing tunes by the lovely Nneoma. Gifts provided by ScratchParachute HomeSophie Monet JewelryEnrouRosewood PantryLe Bon Garcon, Diamondoodles, and Luxe Valet.

Check out our PHHHOTO Gallery for additional memories from the night!



Aliza Faragher

We're 12 days away from launching Align in Los Angeles, and what better way to celebrate the launch than with an astrological themed countdown? Count down with us, in astrological order, until the big day!

It starts today, with 12 Aries Winning. Because of course Aries won't stand for anything other than being #1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Want to find out when Align officially hits the App Store? Sign up here.