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5 Important Traits to Know About Cancers

Lena Grossman

Cancer season, like the summer solstice, are upon us. Even though the solstice technically occurred the other day, the beginning of the summer just feels better aligning with the commencement of cancer season. The weather is heating up and will quickly make us want to stay home and soak up as much air conditioning as possible. In fact, that's just what Cancer wants.

1. Cancers are homemakers

Cancer's symbol, the crab, represents their hard shell and soft inside. Crabs also use their shells as shelter—so they never stray from their own home. Cancers love inviting friends over for meals and showering you with attention, love, and food. So really, take up Cancer's offer on some summer poolside drinks or a barbeque. 

2. Cancers tend to have a parent-child duality

It's not Gemini season anymore, but that doesn't mean dualities can't exist for other signs as well. Cancers grapple with the balance of staying in charge as well as wanting attention. As mentioned above, Cancers focus on the home. They therefore fill both roles of parent and child to make the home feel more complete.

3. They can be super emtional

Not even just tear-jerking emotional, but moody, too. Cancers are water signs, which means a lot of their decision making reverts back to emotion rather than logic. They can also become easily overwhelmed by their emotions, so make sure to proceed with caution.

4. Cancers love that dough

Sure, pizza dough works too. Cancers focus on monetary success and financial well-being. As a sign who focuses mostly on the home, they want to make sure all their family and friends are provided for with the necessary means. Cancers are definitely no strangers to rainy day funds.

5. If you want to please a Cancer, take them out to a high-end meal

Who doesn't love a nice Michelin-starred restaurant? Cancer appreciates these gestures more than most signs because they love providing sustenance for others. Tell Cancer to take a breather, enjoy a meal, and have someone else make dinner for once.

Cancers feel comfortable in their own homes and building a hearth with other people's love and support. If you have a Cancer in your life, pay special attention and perhaps even surprise them with a nice meal or homely gesture.