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From The Vault: Sex and The City

Aliza Faragher

From The Vault is a series in which we analyze classic TV & Film characters to determine their matching astrological sign.

It's common knowledge that HBO is king when it comes to putting out the most edgy and envelope pushing media, but no one could have guessed that their 1998 series Sex and the City would become formative television for multiple generations of viewers. A show about four women in their 30s--single women who loved sex and didn't care what anyone thought about it--became one of the most popular programs of all time with iconic characters who carved their place in television history. With six seasons and two feature films, we've ridden every emotional roller coaster with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha and couldn't be happier about it. 

Carrie Bradshaw: Aquarius

There is not a single doubt in our minds: Carrie Bradshaw is a bonafide Aquarius. Just take a look at the girl--she is literally sauntering around Manhattan in a pink tutu during the show's opening credits. Beyond her at times questionable but mostly fabulous taste in fashion, Carrie is an aloof writer who communicates primarily in puns and hyperboles--it's a miracle anyone can understand what she's talking about half the time. Carrie is a ride-or-die friend and treats her her friends with the utmost respect and kindness which aligns perfectly with Aquarian ideals; these air signs value communication, friendship and equality above all else.

Miranda Hobbes: Capricorn

Miranda Hobbes, the no-nonsense lawyer of Sex and the City's friendship quartet is undoubtedly a Capricorn. Miranda is a woman with a plan: she's career-driven, she's pragmatic and she does not have time for anyone's shit. Miranda's workaholic tendencies are as Capricorn as it gets; these earth signs are practical, determined and ambitious. How else did she manage to have a flourishing career, maintain a social life and have a baby?

Charlotte York: Cancer

Sweet, sweet Charlotte York. This Upper East Side yuppie gets a hard time for being a certified baby about literally everything. But she can't help it! She's probably a Cancer and therefore ruled by the moon! Water signs are known as the sensitive creatures of the zodiac and Charlotte is no exception to this. The moon is the universe's symbol of feminine energy and Charlotte is obsessed with all things surrounding the image of home. The biggest romantic of the group, she wants matrimony and motherhood and she's not afraid to cry until she gets it. 


Samantha Jones: Sagittarius 

Last but not least, there's Samantha Jones. Out of the core four, Samantha is a true freak who couldn't be happier about it. A powerful PR executive by day, sexual deviant by night. Her adventurous spirit, optimism and outspoken honesty make Samantha a true Sagittarius. These fire signs love to wax philosophical and are always down for a good time. As the oldest of her friends, Samantha serves as a well of knowledge for her younger friends--Sagittarians love learning through experiences and sharing their newly found information with hopes of enriching the world. Plus, she's not afraid to give her friends a swift kick in the ass when they take life too seriously.